A Visit to Hell

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A Visit to Hell is a first-person platformer game with beautiful low-poly graphics. The game features a challenging level design that will test your platforming skills to the limit. You play as a wounded NATO soldier who is in a state between life and death. Your soul enters the afterlife, where you must navigate a series of dangerous obstacles to reach the exit. Along the way, you will see the fate of others who have died, and you will learn about the true meaning of hell.

The game's low-poly graphics are stunning, and they perfectly capture the eerie atmosphere of the afterlife. The level design is also well-crafted, and it offers a good balance of challenge and excitement. The gameplay is simple to learn but difficult to master, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Mouse - Interaction, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, SHIFT - Run, P - Pause


Action Adventure 3D HTML5 WebGL