Hunters and Props

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Hunters and Props is a fun action online game where you’ll be fighting against other players on the server. You will be divided into two teams - hunters and requisites. As a hunter, you will be running around, trying to find those camouflaging as props. You have a little gadget at you that will determine whether there’s a prop hiding somewhere around you - it can either be red or green. While playing as prop, you must be very careful. Try to hide in a secret spot and hope that the enemy won’t be able to find you. Be sure to call up your friends so that you can play together or against each other. It’s going to be fun! We recommend you try the game out!

WASD keys - Movement, Mouse - Shooting, SHIFT - Sprint, 1 || 4 - Change weapons, Enter key - Chat, E - Change props, Q - Audio taunt


Action Multiplayer Shooting 3D HTML5 WebGL Hunting Funny