Infinity Royale

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Infinity Royale is an action online game where you will be playing as a soldier. Your objective will be to neutralize all of the enemies on the island. You will get transported there by a plane from which you will have to jump down. Firstly, you need to activate your parachute, else you crash into the ground and die. After that you can take a car and get closer to your enemies. You can neutralize them using the car, but the best course of action will be to use your weapon. For each of the levels, you get rewarded. You can later buy new guns in the store. Will you manage to get through all of the 10 missions on your first try?

WASD keys - Movement, Mouse - Shooting, Spacebar - Jump / activate parachute, P - Pause, 1 || 2 - Change weapon, E - Interaction, F - Drop weapon, CTRL - Crouch, SHIFT - Sprint, Arrow keys - Drive car


Action Shooting 3D HTML5 WebGL Soldier