Russian Truck Simulator

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Russian Truck Simulator is a 3D online game where you’ll be controlling a truck. As is usual in these sorts of games, your objective will be to get the cargo safely towards the finish line. The terrain is pretty harsh to get through, so be prepared for a bumpy ride. Be sure not to fall from a cliff, since that would mean the end and you’d have to start from scratch. It’s better to slow down whenever you can, even though you have a time limit. For each level you complete, you are eligible for a reward that you can then spend by buying a new truck for instance. While driving, you can switch the camera angle, which will come in handy while parking, where you’ll need a view from the top. If you like big cars, you will surely enjoy this game.

Arrow keys - Driving, I - Engine on / off, K || L - Lights, C - Change camera, Q || E - Blinker, Z - Warning lights


3D HTML5 WebGL Car Parking Truck